Sales and service of computer hardware and software including workstations, laptops, servers and network configuration and security.



Experience in local, wide and wireless networks including Remote Desktop Program (RDP) and Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Consulting Services

GTS can analyze your workstations, servers and network for maximum efficiency, and make recommendations on improving productivity and security.


E-mail Spam Filtering

GTS E-mail Protection provides e-mail filtering and virus protection from infected e-mails.


Managed Services

Monitoring capabilities to monitor and diagnose workstations and server health real time.


GTS Remote Backup

Remote backup automatically backs up files and stores them off site on redundant servers. You always have immediate access to stored files.


True Image Backup

True Image Backup creates an exact duplicate image of your server including all system and data files. The image can be used for disaster recovery or data recovery of specific files.



GTS sells and services a line of Dell , HP and Lenovo products. Custom hardware configurations available.



GTS can provide and support most popular software packages such as Microsoft Office 365, Quickbooks, Adobe and others.

As a leading provider of IT services, we would like to meet with your team and provide a health assessment of your computer network and business technology. We will analyze your network to identify vulnerabilities that could leave your organization at risk of a business interruption. Depending on what we uncover, we will also make suggestions on ways to prevent unauthorized access, augment security systems, better lock down sensitive data, become more mobile and, in general, get more out of your existing technology infrastructure.



    Managed Services    

    Support Options    

No contracts. All options are on a month to month basis.

• Standard hourly rates.


• Blocks of time available at a discounted rate


• Custom monthly packages available to fit your specific needs.


• Special rates for non-profits.


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1000 June Rd.

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